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Interior Painting

Update one room or every room in your house with a fresh look that gives new life to areas you've lived in for years.

Exterior Painting

Protect and restore the outside of your home or business with a fresh coat of paint that will make it look great!


Turn your weather-beaten home into a glorious wood color that can withstand the harsh winters in style.

When planning a new interior painting project for your home or business, the best way to decide which interior paint to use is to hire a paint contractor. They will help you select the right color for your room and advise you on finishes and additives. They will also be able to tell you about the costs of interior paint per gallon. Listed below are a few tips to choose the right interior paint.

Cost per gallon of interior paint

The price of a gallon of interior paint varies based on the quality of the paint and the type of finish you choose. Oil-based paints can cost anywhere from $20 to $60 per gallon, and are a better choice for rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. Choosing the right paint finish will also impact the overall look and feel of a room. Flat paint, for example, costs around $20 per gallon, and is ideal for rooms with minimal moisture. Other options include eggshell and satin paints, which cost around $21 to $60 per gallon.

A gallon of interior paint can cover approximately 400 square feet of space. You can do a DIY painting job of a small room for less than $20. For larger rooms, you'll need two coats of paint.

Options for finishes

There are many types of paint finishes available, including flat, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss. Some are easier to clean and maintain than others, while others are more durable. The type of finish you choose should depend on the amount of traffic the room gets, how you want it to look, and how easily it will be cleaned.

High gloss is a great choice for high-traffic rooms. It provides a mirror-like appearance and sits at the top of the sheen scale. It is very durable and is stain-resistant. This type of finish is also a great choice for doors and trim, especially those in high-traffic areas such as a kitchen.

Eggshell is another type of paint finish. It is a little more durable than flat finishes, but still offers a smooth, elegant finish. It is also better at resisting stains than flat. It also tends to reflect light, making it a good choice for areas where traffic is high.

Resins and additives

Decorative paints and varnishes are made using various resins and additives. These products are applied on various substrates such as wood, MDF, and metal. Alkyd resins are widely used in a range of applications, including decorative gloss paints and furniture coatings.

Both indoor and outdoor paints contain resins and additives. Resins used for interior painting have different properties compared to those used for exterior paints. Most of the interior paints have better abrasion resistance and easy cleanup than exterior paints. On the other hand, exterior paints need to resist cracking and chalking, and they must be flexible to accommodate different types of substrates.

Choosing a painting contractor

You want to hire a paint contractor that will not only do a great job but also respect your home. That is one of the reasons so many people in the Eau Claire, Wisconsin area recommend McFarlin Painting. You can find this out by checking their references and checking the quality of their work. The more experience they have, the better. This means that they have a good reputation and have completed a lot of projects.

A good painting contractor should give you a written proposal outlining their services and costs. It should also include a guarantee of their work. A quality house painter will offer a warranty and ensure that you are satisfied with the final result. They should also use their own employees. This means they will be accountable for their work and you will be able to get a written confirmation of the work done before paying a single cent.

If you're ready to get started on your house indoor painting project, contact McFarlin Painting for a free estimate today.

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